If you are totally new or fairly inexperienced in forex trading, we believe we have the ideal solution for you.

In order to maximize your chances of profiting consistently from forex, you do need a mixture of the following:

  1. Heart of steel – the ability to control your emotions whenever the market moves up or down. Ability to take profits by not being greedy and ability to take losses by not being “hot-tempered” (P/S: doubling down when you are losing is one of the sure ways to lose big time).
  2. Experience in predicting the markets. We have each over 20 years of experience trading the market. Basically we adopt a contrarian approach (a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, especially in financial markets). Reason for this? Profits – simple as that.
  3. Once you have the experience to gauge the general direction of the market for any currency pair, we have our own proprietary methods (Technical Analysis) to determine the best price to get in (buy) and the best price to exist (sell) the market

And trust us when we say it is easier said than done to practice the above.

Some golden rules in investing

  1. Do not fall in love with any stock / currency pair / indices. Your sole objective is to turn a profit!
  2. Do not try to catch a falling knife! (buying more of something dropping in prices to average down)
  3. Do not be greedy! The market can stay solvent longer than you can! Keep yourself alive to fight another day!

Forex Trading Strategies

If you google for “forex trading strategies”, it can be really overwhelming for a forex newbie with all the technical jargons and forex strategies out there. With decades of experience in forex, we propose the following method for anyone who is new to forex trading on the assumption that you are still holding your full time job (or any other full time commitment for the matter).

We offer 4 to 12 trades a week on average.
Sometimes fewer, sometimes more. It depends on the market conditions and the right time to get in. We only trade when we are confident. Remember the market is always there and can remain solvent compared to you anytime!
Follow Strictly Our Systematic analytical framework
Unless you are already experienced and successful (if you are, why are you here?). Follow our proven methods and execute them faithful. Start small, increase your confidence slowly and grow your capital slowly over time!

Integrates price action with time.
Our secret to EXPLOSIVE trades and MONSTER PIPS (REALLY BIG GAINS). Our forex strategy allows you to trade in any financial instruments especially for fast moving liquid markets such as commodities (crude oil, gold) and indices.

Free Yourself From The Trading Screen!
This is a common misconception that many people have. Mention any form of tradings and images of traders staying glued to their computer screens conjure up in your mind! While there are traders like that, many others like us have developed forex trading strategies WITHOUT the need for you to stare at your screen!

In fact you just have to allow a few minutes to trade every 4 hours (of your time awake) or every day. The whole idea to achieving financial freedom is to be free (not just financially free but the freedom to do what you truly want with your time). Staying stuck to your screen to trade forex defeats the purpose of pursing financial freedom. Free your time while you make money (otherwise there is not much difference from having a full time job), we hope you do some exercise, enjoy quality time with your family and do pretty much just what you want.

Swing Trading

Swing trading refers to the style of trading where each trade lasts between a few hours (yes a few hours) to one to two days. Sometimes depending on the market conditions, it may take two to five days if we determine a trade has the potential for over a 300 pips move.

As a guide, we usually aim for a profit of 100-200 pips per trade and on average it takes one to two days to achieve this.

Forex As A Second Income

As heavy internet users ourselves, we know how many companies (or just about any Tom, Dick and Harry) claims you can quit your job within 1 month and make crazy money from what they have to offer.

We think that is grossly irresponsible and unethical marketing. While we know we can and we are trading full time for a living, every one is different. Some are more adventurous and after seeing results, they quit their job immediately. Others are more risk adverse and continue their full time employment and treats forex trading as a nice secondary income.

Whatever works for you, it’s your choice and we like to think that anyone can create a secondary income (consistently that is). On average, from the experience of our past students, it takes around 12 months for them to get accustomed to forex trading, save up some capital for a rainy day before they take the leap of faith to quite their job and fully focus on forex trading.