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Best CRM software for small businesses


It doesn’t matter what your emphasis in business is, what services you provide, or what business you represent: your clients should be your top priority. They allow you to develop, provide feedback, and motivate you to create new ideas. It goes without saying that your customers generate revenue.

A CRM Software comes into action as soon as someone expresses interest in your product or service. Assume a visitor is visiting your website and decides to join up to use your services. He is now a prospect, and the process of converting the prospect into a customer begins. A CRM Software can help you with everything from sending promotional emails to closing a sale.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides all of the tools you need to manage your sales pipeline and develop your organization. It enables organizations of all sizes to personalize their processes, develop sales workflows, and take use of strong reporting. If you have a subscription plan, it also includes a comprehensive suite of apps that interface with the platform for marketing, customer service, accounting, human resources, and inventory management. Because of its sales workflows and pay-as-you-go pricing, Zoho CRM is ideal for startups and small organizations.


Salesforce is the industry leader in CRM software for good reason: it offers a full array of customer interaction tools, as well as outstanding integration and unrivaled customization, making it ideal for ambitious start-ups looking to scale quickly.


Freshsales offers a number of technologies that help small and medium-sized businesses assist their customers, analyze customer intent, and quickly turn leads into sales.

The Freshsales suite, which is a combination of the Freshworks automation software, is an all-in-one CRM platform that connects sales and marketing. Third-party applications, such as Gmail and Outlook, are also simply integrated, allowing you to develop mass email templates while tracking both sent and received communications from prospective clients. Businesses can also use the built-in call feature to update client records automatically.

While the CRM lacks lead generation features such as business card scanners, it can allow customisable online forms to harvest lead data from your company’s website—ideal for small firms trying to expand their client base.


HubSpot is an excellent CRM solution for small organizations who are just getting started. While there are various expensive options available, you can also get started with a lightweight yet powerful version of the CRM software for free.

Users of the free HubSpot CRM can take use of highly powerful client database software to help manage and keep new leads, as well as dashboard reporting, corporate insights, deal monitoring, and pipeline management—all of which are displayed simply via the user-friendly interface.

Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak is the easiest CRM to integrate into your small business’s everyday operations if you already use Gmail and Google Workspace. It is integrated directly into Gmail, allowing you to work from your inbox and enjoy interaction with other Google Workspace products such as Sheets, Docs, Drive, and Chat to help keep all of your data accessible and in one location. Streak CRM is highly cheap for single professionals, small teams, and enterprises, with a forever-free plan delivering basic CRM to individual professionals and a Solo basic plan starting at $15 per month. However, if you’re working with a larger team, the premium Pro plan starts at $49 per user each month.


Insightly is ideal for small enterprises that require project management. Its Gantt chart view allows you to keep track of your sales pipeline and project progress, as well as track time and expenses. You may also add custom fields, import data from other apps, and set up automatic follow-up reminders for leads. Insightly tracks the most important lead data, including a detailed activity history of marketing campaign sources, emails, phone calls, meetings, and tasks. Automatically route leads to the appropriate person in real time, so sales reps may follow up on hot leads.


CRMs have the potential to transform the way you handle clients and make sales in your small business. 

Investing in a CRM will increase your income, differentiate you from your competition, and foster trust.

Your CRM will be a crucial tool for connecting various processes and systems, allowing you to build stronger relationships, get more clients, and help your small business succeed.