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Best payroll software for small businesses


Human resource may be one of the most challenging tasks in running a business. Ensuring proper record keeping of leaves, over time pay and other staff welfare is critical to maintaining employees’ morale. It is highly advisable to automate the processes of tabulating data to ensure minimal human errors.


OnPay is a simple, all-in-one payroll and human resources solution for small enterprises. It has a single competitive pricing that includes all services: $40 plus $6 per employee each month.

OnPay serves small companies such as startups, entrepreneurs, local shops, NGOs, religious groups, and farmers.

Payroll for W-2 and 1099 employees, automated tax payments and filing, and an employee self-service portal for self-onboarding, documentation, and PTO monitoring are all available.

With access to the majority of major providers, you may handle benefits like as insurance and retirement plans.


Gusto offers payroll and benefits administration services to any small business. Gusto offers HR experts’ experienced advice when acquiring health insurance for the first time, integrating current plans with payroll, or seeking assistance with add-ons such as 401(k), life insurance, and commuter benefits.

Gusto is a sophisticated, online human resource platform that assists any small business owner with all human resource responsibilities.

Gusto provides HR tools and services to assist with managing employee onboarding, payroll, health benefits administration, and engaging employees and teams through a single integrated, user-friendly platform used by over 100,000 contemporary enterprises.


ADP RUN is a good option for organizations who want a customised payroll and benefits platform. It’s intended for businesses with less than 50 employees, but if you anticipate to develop beyond that, you can easily switch to the ADP enterprise platform.

ADP is the world’s biggest and most trusted payroll service company. RUN is its small company solution, and it’s a terrific place to start if you’re a small firm looking to expand into a larger enterprise. ADP RUN is a straightforward payroll and benefits management platform with the potential to expand into enterprise plans with the main ADP platform.

ADP RUN provides tiered plans with direct deposit payroll, a self-service employee interface, new hire onboarding, and optional benefits administration for a charge. You may also include tax form filing in your package.


Rippling is an employee management software that aims to make HR operations and IT administration easier.

Rippling provides businesses with a centralized location to manage payroll, benefits, employee devices, company apps, and more.

Rippling allows you to manage your company’s payroll, benefits, HR, and IT from a single, contemporary platform. It connects all of your personnel systems and data and automates time-consuming tasks like onboarding.

Rippling allows you to set up a new hire’s health insurance, payroll, work computer,401K and third-party apps—like Zoom,Slack, and Office 365—100% online and paperlessly in 90 seconds.


PEOs such as Justworks are a fantastic match for small enterprises with difficult recruiting and potentially business liability, such as if you hire overseas employees or have a high turnover rate.

Justworks is a remote-friendly professional employer organization (PEO). The firm enters into a co-employment arrangement with yours—that is, it becomes the employer of record for your employees—so that it can manage HR and payroll on your behalf.

Because of the co-employment connection, Justworks assumes some legal obligation as an employer that you do not, which is not the case with software-based payroll systems. In exchange, you relinquish control over items such as the employee handbook and workplace regulations.


Payroll software provides several advantages to business owners, including: Task automation saves time while cutting checks and paying taxes. Saving money on labor and outsourcing – Small-business payroll software can even remove the requirement for a full-time payroll person.