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Best website for hiring Philippines employees for outsourcing


One of the key to success when we start and run business is to have a competent team. If we go alone, we can only do so much. Sure many of us start off being a one man how, but with only 24 hours a day, there is only so much we can do. To do more, we need to hire a team to scale capabilities. One of the popular methods to have an in house team is to build a remote team of employees in the Philippines. Philippines employees have a good command of English and are familiar with Western cultures, wages in the Philippines are around 75% cheaper than compared in the US. With training and proper incentive wage structure, you can hire and train a team of employees that grow with your business.

Online Jobs PH is one of the most websites dedicated to helping companies hire offshore employees in the Philippines. You do not have to open a business in the Philippines to manage a team there. As the Philippines is a developing country with a lower cost of living, the average salary for a fresh graduate is between 15,000 to 20,000 peso (around USD$270 to $400 and up depending on their skillsets).

You can hire full time Filipinos from the Philippines easily for positions such as customer service agents, data entry, general admin (secretary work), web and graphic designer, web master, SEO consultants, content writers etc.

It is worth noting that depending on the level of experience, training will be required for your overseas employees, Filipinos are generally very loyal and while there might be some cultural nuances, with constant communications it is very realistic to build a team over time with patience.


Outsourcing is not new, big companies have been doing this for decades, with the internet and the ease of communication tools like skype, zoom etc, it is much easier to stay connected with any one in any part of the globe. One of the key problems in running a business is scaling up, in order to grow, having a competent team is key to success